Fleet Creator

Best tool to build alliance on the seas!

We shall sail together!

Fleet Creator is a software facilitating the creation of a fleet of allied ships on the same server on Sea Of Thieves. Play with your friends in great alliances!

Fleet Creator works only for PC users. The application obtains the ip and the port of the server from a series of Windows commands and convert it to a unique number which will be shared between the users. If 2 or more players have the same unique number, then you are on the same server.

Fleet Creator is not required to form an alliance fleet, but it makes the process much easier. We currently have over 8,000 users and the community is growing all the time. Do like all these people and join the crew!

Our Story

Fleet Creator exists since mid 2019. Version 1 and 2 were entirely offline and was mostly just showing the server IP and port. With version 3, all users were now connected together. This was a major upgrade from the other 2 versions. The current version, version 4 is another major update ask by the Fleet Creator community, the private lobbies. At this moment, there is still some works and tuning to do, this feature is not availlable.

Happy sailing and have fun!

Getting started

Download software

Click on the button below to download the last version of Fleet Creator. This file will be placed in the folder defined by your browser for your browser.

Unzip the downloaded file

The downloaded file is a compressed folder (.zip). You will need to decompress it in order to be able to access its content and open the software.

Windows allows you to decompress a .zip file easily. You can follow the instructions at this link.

Following decompression, you will have a folder called "FleetCreator". Move this folder to the location you want, it is from this location that you will launch the software.

Next Step : Using the software

Launching the software

In the "FleetCreator" folder, double-click on Fleet Creator.exe.

Logging in the software

When opening, a first window will appear in order to select the way you want to logging into the application:

You will be required to log into your account via a secure connection with Microsoft / XBOX using an OAuth2 authorization. Your personal information is therefore transacted directly on the Microsoft site and not through Fleet Creator. We recommend this type of connection to make it easier to find XBOX gamertags.

You will be required to sign in to your account via a secure connection with Discord using an OAuth2 authorization. Your personal information is therefore transacted directly on the Discord site and not through Fleet Creator.

For those who doubt the previous 2 options, you can log into the app through a Fleet Creator account. You must first create an account in the application and proceed to the activation by email in order to be able to use the application.

Application interface

Once logged in the application, a new window will appear with 4 tabs on the left side:

Your information about your profile and your account preferences

The main application for making an alliance or fleet with other users

The place where you can set your private server (Not ready yet)

If the app helps you in the alliance process and you want to support its maintenance and evolution, read the text and click on the donate button.

To update the application, simply delete the application folder in its current location, then replace it with the folder for the new version. You will get this folder in the same way as for installation.

To uninstall the application, simply delete the "FleetCreator" folder. There are no other actions to perform; the application is portable, so the software did not modify or add any files, except those contained in the downloaded folder.

For any suggestions, report a bug or stay tuned about the development of the application, go to the official Discord Server.


Join the Fleet Creator app user community to get support, ask questions and share your comments. However, this is not the place to form your alliances.


For over 2 years, Fleet Creator has undergone several changes and has continued to improve over time. We've never stopped adding new features or fixing bugs. And that will be the case as long as we have a solid base of players who will continue to use the app.

Unfortunately, online application also means server and renting a server for Fleet Creator is a recurring cost each year. If the application has been of great service to you, if you wish to encourage development or reduce part of the hosting costs, your support will be greatly appreciated.

Donations are made on a voluntary basis through PayPal. We will not issue any refunds! Thank you in advance for your support and have a good fleet!